Ship owners and vessel operators need to protect themselves from the many exposures they face. They must have confidence in their insurer’s ability and commitment to manage their risks and respond rapidly when problems occur.

Claims are inevitable but managing them in a professional way and effectively mitigating the loss are equally important.

Maritime Mutual, unlike a fixed premium marine insurer, has no shareholders demanding a profit on their investment. Instead, mutuality provides that the Club is owned by and is run solely for the benefit of its Members.

Asia Pacific regional expertise with the benefits of New Zealand Law and a Marine Insurance Act 1908.


Maritime Mutual's strategy is to understand your business and your particular risks.

Maritime Mutual's strength is derived from a combination of market expertise, selective underwriting and the vigorous defence of liability claims. Its Management is comprised of professional practitioners, well versed in underwriting, risk management, claims settlement and legal services and whose combined experience of the insurance industry exceeds 125 years.

The Management has extensive experience of handling claims in the Asia Pacific region where most Members trade.


Maritime Mutual's security is backed by a highly efficient reinsurance programme provided by specialist Lloyd's Syndicates and financially secure insurance companies. This programme has been devised by the world's top re-insurance brokers. The resulting package provides Maritime Mutual's members with peace of mind and quality service at economic cost.

This ensures that policy holders enjoy the benefit of combined expertise of London Market knowledge and Regional experience in order to understand their operation and its inherent risks.

Your combined premiums pay for your combined claims, backed up by a comprehensive structure of first class re-insurance policies to provide full protection against major catastrophes and associated supplementary calls.

Membership of Maritime Mutual is selective so as to avoid exposure to high risk operations such as VLCC's, cruise operators and US personal injury and pollution risks. Preference will also be given to owners and charterers who seek a long term service partnership with their insurer, together with favourable terms for Members who are pro-active in loss prevention and claims reduction

Maritime Mutual is a member of the New Zealand Captive Insurance Association
Equifax   Equifax Financial Rating: BBB+ (Sound)